RUST-OLEUM® for Metalworking

You're proud of what you produce and that deserves a nice finishing touch—the crowning glory of your work. Or perhaps you’re looking for temporary protection for your work while transporting it to a client, supplier or painter.


Besides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is also important that your clients are satisfied with your work for the longer term, making long-lasting protection of the utmost importance.


The 1-2-3 maintenance range consists of products that are ideal for use in the metalworking industry. The products are easy to use, provide instant results and last for longer, saving you time and money. View the catalogue online or request a free copy to be sent by post
Ideal products for metalworking:


1-2-3 catalogue
The 1-2-3 catalogue lists all our maintenance products. The catalogue is now available to browse online. View the 1-2-3 catalogue online or call for a free copy

Leak Seal® brochure
An innovative spray with a rubber base that seals cracks and leaks. Provides a permanent flexible seal in all weather conditions. View the Leak Seal Brochure [PDF]
X1 Technical Sprays brochure
A complete range of technical sprays, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and cleaning products. View the X1 brochure [PDF]