News overview

NEW! Floorcoat PU single pack floor coating

The new Floorcoat PU™ 7200 is a single pack floor coating that offers good protection and it very easy to apply. Available in Gloss and Satin and fully tintable in any colour.

Improved formulation for the Metal Cladding Topcoat

The formulation of our Metal Cladding Topcoat has been improved. Because of better quality resins and pigment paste the paint is more durable, UV- and water-resistant, and gives a very nice decorative finish.

Tarmacoatâ„¢ rapid curing exterior floor paint

Tarmacoat™ is a water-based rapid curing floor paint for marking. Now available in RAL-colours with better hiding power and abrasion resistance.

Flexible Rubber Coating. NEW! Clear, Aluminium and White

NEW! LeakSeal™ - The flexible rubber coating that seals leaks and cracks. For various applications and substrates. Available in Black and new colours Clear, Aluminium and White.

Super adhesion primer for PVDF cladding

RUST-OLEUM® offers the solution for renovating smooth PVDF cladding: RUST-OLEUM® PVDF Primer

Repair mortar: stronger than concrete!

Repair your floor quickly and easily. Stronger than concrete!

15 years protection in the highest corrosion class

NOXYDE® metal coating is certified for 15 years lifespan in C5-M environments according to ISO-12944.

The most durable anti-slip solutions

SuperGrip™ by RUST-OLEUM® - Best in class anti-slip, Ready to fix

Asphalt Repair made easy

RUST-OLEUM® Asphalt Repair Mortar - Easy to use, Quick curing, All-in-one

Revolutionary new Technical Sprays

RUST-OLEUM® X1 Technical Sprays - Full assortment, Longer lasting, Easier to use

Quick-acting Green Paint Stripper

RUST-OLEUM® launches the NR.1 Green Paint Stripper

NEW! X1 Stainless Steel Cleaner

RUST-OLEUM®, producer of high quality lubricants and cleaners under the brand name X1 technical sprays, is expanding its assortment. After the successful introduction of the assortment of technical sprays, RUST-OLEUM® is now presenting a much sought-after development: the Stainless Steel Cleaner / Polish.