• Stencils in all shapes and sizes for creating symbols, numbers or text
  • Re-usable many time; easy to clean
  • Stencils are flexible and follow the shape of the surface
  • Extremely durable material
  • For use with all paint types

Heavy-duty re-usable symbols for floor marking are ideal for use in warehouses, for parking spaces, roads and more.


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V2500, V2501, V2502, V2503, V2504, V2510, V2511, V2512, V2513, V2514, V2515, V2516, V2517, V2518, V2519, V2520, V2521, V2522, V2523, V2524, V2525, V2526, V2530, V2531, V2532, V2533, V2534, V2535, V2536, V2537, V2538, V2539, V2540, V2541, V2542, V2543, V2544, V2545, V2546
5 cm, 15 cm, 30 cm, 45.40 cm, 90.80 cm 

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