What customers say

‘When I painted the Wolf rims for my 1989 110 I used Rustoleum Hard-Hat 2192 White Topcoat (RAL9010) Aerosols. It gives a good finish, dries rock hard and doesn't chip or flake like Smoothrite.’

'The chassis and bulkhead are good but the chassis has a little surface rust which I intend to sort out before I sell it. We use some top notch paint at work called Rustoleum. Going to give it a good coating with that.'

‘I have taken to using an industrial paint called Rustoleum combi-color. You can prime, but you don't have to. It seems to be designed for industrial maintenance type applications where minimal prep, single coat application and quick drying are the requirements...’

‘Another thumbs-up for Rustoleum combi color. You can get it in rattle cans too.‘

‘I have tried a few easy maintenance paints for metal over the years and in my experience Rust-Oleum CombiColor is the best. Most of the other popular products cover easily and dry quickly but have absolutely no impact resistance, the slighest knock will remove the finish. The ones that give the dimpled finish are the worst. The finish thins out so much in the dimples that when used outdoors rust spots always form in the dimples. CombiColor gives a good one coat coverage that is durable and lasting with good impact resistance. I have some metalwork that I finished with CombiColor many years ago that is still perfect. The metalwork in question did have an amount of surface rust. I would strongly recommend Rust-Oleum CombiColor.’

‘Dac Hydro Plus - A really excellent product. Very simple to use, leaves an impressive finish and aside from the aesthetic effect it actually waterproofs and does protect the tiles. As far as roof tile paint goes I think it's one of the best. As a roofing contractor it makes us look professional using a product like this and also allows us to be confident as a company in what we are offering our customers.’

‘Peganox - It was a perfect fit for the cladding profile and left a lovely finish.’

‘Had good results with Rust-Oleum CombiColor smooth. It comes in a number of different finishes.’

‘Rustoleum has a product line called Noxyde (knocks ide). This is simply one of the most amazing money makers I have seen in a long time. It is a labor saver that is an absolute homerun.’

'Noxiyde is a marvelous product and will bridge and seal quite large gaps and cracks in the cladding panels and roof sheets. It also sticks to anything, old,new,rusty even galv.’

‘Rustoleum Combi-colour is the oil based I have used - it's superb for coverage and application.’