Project references

Theatre renovation - Murfill®

Murfill® Renovation was used to renovate the exterior walls of this theatre.

Warehouse Floor - 9100 Epoxy

New concrete treated with 9100 Epoxy coating.

Roof Renovation - Dacfill® HZ

Flat roof protected and waterproofed with Dacfill® HZ roof coating.

Storage Tank Rotterdam - Noxyde

Noxyde was used to renovate this storage tank in Rotterdam.

Parking Garage - SuperGrip

Supergrip has been applied to this staircase.

Golden Gate Bridge - Noxyde

Noxyde was used to renovate the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.

Metal Roof Exeter - Noxyde

Renovation of a metal roof with NOXYDE.

Recycling Plant Sheffield - Metal Cladding Topcoat

All of the metal cladding on this site has been renovated with Metal Cladding Topcoat in Antracite Grey.

Amsterdam Airport Hangars

Two large hangars at Amsterdam International Airport were renovated using NOXYDE and Metal Cladding Topcoat