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Roof Paint Requirements

Due to the nature of the site, the roof paint needs to be able to withstand the effects of being under constant submersion by the chlorinated water from the Tidal Wave ride.

The ride consists of boats descending a ramp once every minute. As the boat descends the ramp, it reaches a pool of water that splashes over the riders and visitors. Subsequently, the roof over the standing area is also almost constantly wet.

With regard to the roof restoration cost, the main requirement is to supply a roof painting system that will last. The contract for the logo advertising is due to last around 4 years.

Roof Paint Specification

The roof coating required to be protected with a suitable anti corrosive primer with a intermediate cosmetic logo design. To protect the design from the chlorinated water, a protective clear coat would need to be applied on top.

Promain's technical team worked alongside Hollyer Projects to provide the best paint for the metal roof. The paint system would need to be suitable for an environment under almost constant immersion. After thorough research we propose the below system:

Initial Clean

Firstly, to prepare before applying the paint, the contractors need to thoroughly clean the roof. Promain's technical team suggest a complete jet wash. Then secondly treating the roof with a fungicidal wash.

Base Coat:

Rust-Oleum 3302 Adhesion Primer 

Rustoleum CombiColor 3302 Adhesion Primer is a metal primer that is suitable for use on various metals. Substrates include galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and more. It is even suitable for application onto glass, porcelain and other smooth, dense surfaces.

CombiColor 3302 is suitable within a Rustoleum metal roof paint system. Application of this product is primarily by brush.

Logo Design:

Rust-Oleum 7300 CombiColor Gloss

Rustoleum CombiColor 7300 is a flexible, rust inhibiting paint formulated as a decorative coating. 7300 is popular within the DIY industry for car renovation and repair. As this paint flows beautify, it would be easy for the artists to paint the logo freehand.

Rustoleum CombiColor 7300 is an often specified paint product. It has the versatility of being available in various sheen levels and colours.

Due to the brand colours of the logo, the paint colours need to be specific RAL, NCS and RAL Design shades.

After receiving the full logo specification, the roof paint colours required were as below:

Traffic White
RAL 9016
Dark Blue
NCS S 6030-R80B
Pastel Orange
RAL 2003
Hygiene Green
RAL 190 70 30


Clear Sealing Topcoat:

Rust-Oleum Pegagraff Hydro

Initially formulated as an anti graffiti varnish topcoat, Rustoleum's Pegagraff Hydro is a clear solvent resistant, durable sealer coat.

As a two pack product, Pegagraff Hydro is exceptionally abrasion resistant. This means that the two paint layers will have sufficient protection. This is due to the frequent abuse of the Tidal Wave rides water.

Application of the Roof Paint

As you can imagine, the application of a roof paint system in Winter isn't ideal. The park was due to be opening the last week in March, in other words, time was against the team. Due to the nature of the paint system, each layer requires application in dry weather. In addition, they also require time to cure suffiently.

Subsequently, the painting required use of scaffolding to ensure health and safety.

Using a stencil would make painting the logo more manageable. However, this is also difficult! As the metal roof has corrugations, the stencil needs to allow for the profile of the roof. This meant that the stencil had to be created with the logo stretched by 20%.

Once the base coat of the Rustoleum 3302 was applied and allowed to dry, the stencil was applied using spray mount. After being applied, the CombiColour 7300 required a full week without rain to dry due to the low ambient temperature. Then, finally, the Pegagraff Hydro top seal coat required application and curing.

Meanwhile the contractors were under pressure as the engineers needed to test the rides ready for the public. Testing the Tidal Wave ride requires the pools to be full allowing the boats to run.

During the thorough testing, the roof would need to be fully cured. This is as even without passengers the boats would still shower the roof with water.

To Conclude

Thankfully the roof paint systems application went all to plan. The final finish of the project looks amazing - it really shows off the skill of the contracting team involved.


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