Repair mortar: stronger than concrete!

NEW! Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 is a unique Rust-Oleum® product that restores damaged concrete or masonry surfaces as new. Repairs made with 5180 are almost indestructible and the bonding and durability are unparalleled.

Long-lasting results 
The product will not shrink or crack. In addition, it is highly resistant to temperature changes, contact with chemicals and solvents. It may be used on both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Trafficable in no time! 
The very easy-to-apply mortar has a further unique aspect: its super fast curing time. Where other repair products require at least one day to set, Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 has a special formula which can sustain a burden of light traffic again after only about 6 hours. After about 12 hours, it can sustain heavy traffic and contact with chemicals.

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