Super adhesion primer for PVDF cladding

RUST-OLEUM® offers the solution for renovating smooth PVDF cladding: RUST-OLEUM® PVDF Primer

Difficult to renovate
PVDF (polyvinyl difluoride, also named PVF2) is a relatively new, very smooth finish for metal cladding, which promotes the self-cleaning action of the facade. Unfortunately, there are almost no paints that adhere to this type of cladding, making these renovations practically impossible.

The ideal primer
In the field, the PVDF Primer has proven to provide excellent adhesion to PVDF. After only 30 minutes, the primer is already tack-free and after 24 hours can be over coated with NOXYDE®, the ideal coating for long-lasting protection of metal cladding. The PVDF Primer is also perfect as a primer for galvanized steel, aluminium, zinc and Plastisol®.

Need advice?
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