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The most durable anti-slip solutions

SuperGrip™ by RUST-OLEUM® - Best in class anti-slip, Ready to fix

RUST-OLEUM® offers the alternative in durable Anti-Slip solutions

Roosendaal, July 2009 - Rust-Oleum® extends the 1-2-3 MAINTENANCE range with the SuperGrip concept. A complete range of durable optical fibre-based Anti-Slip products: Anti-Slip Step Covers, Anti-Slip Landing Covers, Anti-Slip Step Edges, Anti-Slip Sheetings, Permanent Linemarking and Decking Strips.

Every year, thousands of people are injured by slipping or tripping. Most of the accidents could be prevent by using Anti-Slip products. There are many solutions on the market, but they often do not have very long lifespan.

RUST-OLEUM® offers an alternative with the SuperGrip assortment: ready-to-use long-lasting Anti-Slip products that can be installed quickly and easily on all types of surfaces, even damaged or worn surfaces. The tailor-made Anti-Slip products can be installed immediately with the help of adhesive mastic and screws onto metal, concrete, brick and wood.

The SuperGrip products are very strong thanks to the durable Anti-Slip top layer, which is applied using an innovative process. The result is a sturdy and very long-lasting Anti-Slip surface that will keep its shape and Anti-Slip properties even after heavy, long-term use.