Know-How to Protect®

Rust-Oleum® believes 100% in the protection of materials and objects. The exposure to a range of weather and working conditions means materials require effective protection. We invest a lot of time in developing the best products for you.

Save time, money and worry

Every RUST-OLEUM® product is designed to make your job easier and should therefore meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Less time spent on pre-treatment
Thanks to the high surface tolerance of most RUST-OLEUM® coatings, they require minimal pre-treatment, thus saving you time and money.

2. Less time spent on application
Because many of our coatings have time-saving features such as an extra high layer structure or a shorter drying time, the task can be completed more quickly.

3. Less interruption of work
The shorter the application time, the less time and money is wasted on production stoppage, corporate activities, etc. And thanks to coatings with low solvent content and low odour levels, work can even continue while the painting is being carried out.

4. Lasts for longer
Higher quality pigments and resins and a higher solid content are just a few features that simply make our products more durable than other products on the market.

We are here for you

When you buy from us, you are not just buying a product but also a full range of services surrounding it. Our customer service team operates in four countries and will assist you in finding both the right product and a local outlet. We have an extensive dealer network at your disposal that can provide local support. For larger projects, we have specially trained staff that can provide free on-site advice. We also provide supporting documentation and training. Please contact us if you need more information.

RUST-OLEUM® Services

  • Free online data sheets and documentation
  • Free technical support by phone or email
  • Free written specification service
  • Warranty services
  • Free on-site specification advice
  • Free on-site application advice
  • Special colour service
  • Technical and commercial product training

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