A Rich History

From fish oil...
Scottish born Robert Fergusson is sailing the seas as Captain and gets inspired by the rust-preventing characteristics of fish oil.

..to Multinational:

1919-1921 - Captain Fergusson succeeds in finding the right formulation for a fish-oil based primer that dries overnight without unpleasant odours and founds the Anti-rust company is founded in New Orleans in 1921. The Wonder Product 769 is born.

1932 - Robert Fergusson moves to Chicago and founds the RUST-OLEUM Paint Co.

1939 - Opening of new plant in Evanston, IL. New building would be taking place over the years to come in order to keep pace with the continually growing business.

1949 - First major advertising in newspaper Time. Start of the consumer business success in the USA, based on a great brand name recognition.

1959 - Opening of European office and factory in Haarlem, The Netherlands. A delegation from the US comes over by ship to help setting up the operation. The official opening of the factory is done by the mayor of Haarlem.

1969 - European office moves from Haarlem to the new built office and factory building in Roosendaal, the Netherlands that is still in use today.

1983 - French distributor Gachot is acquired to become RUST-OLEUM France S.A.

1991 - RUST-OLEUM’s European business acquired by RPM Inc.

1992 - Martin Mathys N.V. acquired by RPM Inc. This company would later on merge with the RUST-OLEUM Europe business.

1994 - RPM Inc. acquires Rust-Oleum Corporation (US business)

2009 - RUST-OLEUM celebrated its´ 50th year of business in Europe