Your job involves being responsible for the safety of employees and/or visitors. If you can keep accidents and third party liability to a minimum, you will significantly reduce costs for your organization.

Research has shown that the majority of accidents that lead to absenteeism in industry are related to slipping, tripping, stumbling and falling or due to a lack of markings. This spurred us to develop an entire series of safety products.

SuperGrip™ range

To keep the risk of slipping, tripping, stumbling and falling to a minimum, we have developed the SuperGrip™ range, a comprehensive selection of anti-slip products—from paints for temporary protection to very durable finishes.

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Safety markings

We offer a wide selection of products that allow you to create a range of markings. For floors 

  • HARD HAT® Line Spray
  • HARD HAT® Marking Spray
  • HARD HAT® Aerosol spray Fluorescent
  • HARD HAT® Aerosol spray RAL Safety Colours
  • Marking Stencils
  • Tarmacoat™ Outdoor Floor Paint

Pipeline identification

Have your pipes been coded correctly?

Do you work in industry? Under current legislation, each kind of pipeline or conduit must have its own colour coding system. This allows emergency services to respond quickly in case of an emergency. Our HARD HAT® aerosol spray paints and CombiColor® metallic paints are the ideal products for colour coding your pipes.

Take a look at the pipeline identification colours and part numbers [PDF]

Project advice provided, no strings attached

Our sales and technical teams work closely together to find the right solution for your specific demands or ideas. What’s more, we would be happy to support you throughout all phases of the project.

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Products for HSE managers

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