• Extra durable because of polyurethane addition
  • Tintable in any colour in gloss or satin finish
  • Excellent flow; easy to apply
  • For use on concrete, wood, masonry and pre-painted floors
  • Also ideal for line marking
  • High coverage rate: 9m²/L

Hard-wearing, easy to apply single pack floor coating with PU addition.


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Product details

7200.MM.10, 7200.MM.2.5, 7200.MM.5, 7200.TR.10, 7200.TR.2.5, 7200.TR.5, 7200.WH.10, 7200.WH.2.5, 7200.WH.5, 7200.WL.10, 7200.WL.2.5, 7200.WL.5, 7244.2.5, 7244.5, 7250.MM.10, 7250.MM.2.5, 7250.MM.5, 7250.TR.10, 7250.TR.2.5, 7250.TR.5, 7250.WH.10, 7250.WH.2.5, 7250.WH.5, 7250.WL.10, 7250.WL.2.5, 7250.WL.5, 7268.2.5, 7268.5, 7281.2.5, 7281.5, 7282.2.5, 7282.5, 7292.2.5, 7292.5
Main Features
1-component, Apply at low temperatures, Solvent-based, Tintable, Topcoat
Gloss Level
Gloss, Satin
2.34 L, 2.27 L, 2.19 L, 2.5 L, 4.38 L, 5 L, 4.69 L, 4.53 L, 9.38 L, 9.06 L, 8.76 L, 10 L, 20 L 
Application type
Air-atomised Spraygun, Brush, Roller
Floor, Wall, Wood
Substrate Floor
Balcony / Walkway, New concrete, Old Concrete, Pre-painted
Substrate Wall & Hygiene
Brickwork, Mineral substrates, Pre-painted
Touch dry
4 hours
Dry to recoat
24 hours
VOC level
450 g/l

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