• Direct to surface
  • Paint & primer in one
  • Quick drying
  • Interior and exterior

Rust-Oleum® CombiColor® Multi-Surface 7300 coating is a solvent based primer and topcoat in one, based on a modified Alkyd binder, providing good adhesion to many types of substrates. The product is lead- and chromate free.


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Product details

7326MS.0.75, 7326MS.2.5, 7337MS.0.75, 7337MS.2.5, 7342MS.0.75, 7342MS.2.5, 7343MS.0.75, 7343MS.2.5, 7348MS.0.75, 7348MS.2.5, 7365MS.0.75, 7365MS.2.5, 7375MS.0.75, 7375MS.2.5, 7378MS.0.75, 7378MS.2.5, 7379MS.0.75, 7379MS.2.5, 7381MS.0.75, 7381MS.2.5, 7382MS.0.75, 7382MS.2.5, 7389MS.0.75, 7389MS.2.5, 7390MS.0.75, 7390MS.2.5, 7392MS.0.75, 7392MS.2.5, 7393MS.0.75, 7393MS.2.5, 7394MS.0.75, 7394MS.2.5, 7396MS.0.75, 7396MS.2.5, 7482MS.0.75, 7482MS.2.5, 7493MS.0.75, 7493MS.2.5, 7496MS.0.75, 7496MS.2.5
Main Features
Primer, Solvent-based, Topcoat
Gloss Level
Gloss, Matt, Satin
0.75 L, 2.5 L 
Application type
Brush, Roller
Metal, Plastic, Wood
Substrate Metal
Galvanised steel
Substrate Plastic
Substrate Wall & Hygiene
Brickwork, Mineral substrates, Plaster, Tiles
Touch dry
4 hours (20°C), 6 hours (10°C), 2 hours (30°C)
Dry to recoat
16 hours (20°C), 24 hours (10°C), 8 hours (30°C)
VOC level
350 g/l