• Rain-proof and recoatable after just one hour
  • Particularly suitable for tarmac, asphalt and bitumen substrates
  • Can be applied on slightly damp surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to U.V. and weathering
  • Water-based formulation, safe to use and virtually no odour
  • Single pack, no mixing required

Very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack acrylic water-based paint for floors and paint marking.


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Product details

6124.5, 6134.5, 6144.5, 6166.5, 6169.5, 6178.5, 6182.5, 6186.5, 6196.5
Main Features
1-component, Primer, Quick drying, Topcoat, Water-based
Gloss Level
5 L 
Application type
Brush, Roller
Floor, Line & spot marking
Substrate Floor
Asphalt, Balcony / Walkway, Old Concrete
Touch dry
30 minutes
Dry to recoat
1 hour
VOC level
40 g/l

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