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ANGLO Building Products

Welcome to ANGLO® 

We are a leading British manufacturer of industrial quality paints and repair materials. Our products are now used in thousands of busy workplaces and public buildings around the UK. All our range is manufactured to a rigorous quality standard, certified under ISO 9001.


We specialise in:

  • Tough epoxy resin floor coatings
  • Industrial-strength repair materials for concrete and asphalt floors
  • Anti slip products for steps, floors and ramp

Download the ANGLO brochure [PDF]

New brand name, same performance

As part of the aquisition by RUST-OLEUM, most original ANGLO products have been rebranded to RUST-OLEUM products. In those cases nothing has changed in terms of product quality or peformance. Please see the reference chart below for further details:

 Original ANGLO product RUST-OLEUM equivalent
 Adhesive Mastic Adhesive Mastic
 Anti Slip Decking Cleats SuperGrip Anti-Slip Decking Strips
 Anti Slip Landing Covers SuperGrip Anti-Slip Landing Covers
 Anti Slip Sheeting SuperGrip Anti-Slip Sheeting
 Anti Slip Step Covers SuperGrip Anti-Slip Step Covers
 Anti Slip Step Edge SuperGrip Anti-Slip Step Edge
 Anti Slip Tape SuperGrip Anti-Slip Tape
 Anti Slip Tread SuperGrip Anti-Slip Tread
 Anti Slip Tread Roll SuperGrip Anti-Slip Tread Roll
 Asphalt Restorer 5478 Asphalt Restorer
 Cement Cleaner/Etchant SURFA-ETCH 108
 Danish Oil Danish Oil
 Epoxy Bond 5401 Impregnation primer
 Epoxy Crack Filler EpoxyShield® Fine Crack Filler
 Epoxy Floor Paint 5800 Epoxy Rapid WB
 Epoxy High Build 5500 High Build Epoxy
 Epoxy Primer 5421 Epoxy Primer
 Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar
 Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill 5190 Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill
 Flexi-Joint Fill 5160 Flexi-Joint Fill
 Floor Paint Floor Paint
 Floor Paint Epoxy Ester Grade Floor Paint Epoxy Ester Grade
 Floor Paint Slip Resistant Grade Floor Paint Slip Resistant Grade
 Multi-Purpose Seal 5220 EpoxyShield Sealer
 Portable Access Ramp SuperGrip Portable Access Ramp
 Powerfloat Epoxy Sealer 3366 Powerfloat Epoxy Primer
 Safe-T-Epoxy Safe-T-Epoxy
 Solvent Free Degreaser ND14 Cleaner & Degreaser
 Speed Patch 5150 Speed Patch
 Speed Patch Pourable Grade Speed Patch Pourable Grade
 Speed Screed Speed Screed
 Tarmacoat 6100 Tarmacoat
 Treadsafe Treadsafe
 Verti-Patch 5110 Verti-Patch