Swedish bathhouse - Timberex Thixo

Project description

Albin Arkitektur AB is an architectural bureau, operating in Sweden with an impressive CV of creating beautiful projects like this recent bathhouse renovation. To achieve the best result, the architect reached out to our distributor Welinoco for advice. 

Welinoco's technical feedback was to apply TIMBEREX THIXO oil-based wood stain, which was ideal for wood treatment in an indoor space with high humidity. 

The choice of Timberex THIXO was made to accommodate the requirements of the pine wall-cladding and pillars. As a unique feature to TIMBEREX THIXO, the product is offered in tint-bases which allows to produce an almost endless amount of colours. 

The colours chosen was CEDAR for the upper part, WALNUT for the lower part and pillars specially tinted with THIXO base to modified version of colour S 8010-Y50R. 

The chosen colour offered a more opaque finish, to create a contrast with the other wooden surfaces. The walls cover a total surface of 400 m² of pine, both natural and heat-treated. The final result is a very cool retro look, which gets the swimming enthusiast very excited for their daily plunge!



Main products

TIMBEREX THIXO – Special colour






Albin Holmgren/Albin Arkitektur ab