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In June 2020, Lotus cars required remedial work done across their factory roofs as they now require more maintenance to stop water ingress. Cladspray Solutions are very familiar with many Rustoleum products and have carried out several successful projects using Rustoleum Noxyde on Roofs in the past. Technical main man Bruce Hawthorne and Central UK and Ireland Regional Sales Manager, John Lee visited the site in conjunction with Tom and Dan from Cladspray and then realised the sheer size and scale of the job in question. This was to be Cladspray’s largest ever project, so nothing could go wrong. Bruce and Tom discussed what would need to be done to achieve a warranty for the project and Tom was given all options. After surveying all the areas in question, it was left to Rustoleum to go away and prepare a suitable specification to cover all eventualities and provide the best and longest lasting solution.

A bespoke specification was issued by Bruce to Cladspray, who are already very experienced in using Noxyde. The agreed specification was required to provide a 20-year anti corrosion warranty, and so two coats of Noxyde were specified, providing an overall film build of approximately 440 microns. It was also agreed to utilise an extra treatment at the critical overlap edge areas to provide further protection.

This particular project was not only prestigious due to the client, but a very large one. The requirement was to coat the pitched metal roofs of 4 unts at the Lotus Cars site in Norfolk. The total area was 15,360m2 and presented several logistical and practical challenges. (Not to mention weather considerations).

Due to the large area to be coated, preparation work started in July and continued into August with painting commencing in September, finally completing the project during the first week of October.

Bruce and Ray, representing Rustoleum, kept in constant contact with Cladspray to ensure support was always available, including 3 separate site visits to provide on-site support. The final visit was to ensure the job had been done to the correct specification, and that the film build was correct, in order to issue the warranty certificate.

This project outlines what a fantastic product Noxyde is, and the complete trust that is put in its properties by the contractor. Kent Blaxill were also instrumental in making sure the products were ordered and distributed efficiently, whilst being very happy to secure an order of this magnitude. A very good example of the manufacturer, merchant, contractor triangle that puts our business model ahead of many other competitors.

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