Verf van der Feer - Dacfill PU


Our team from the Netherlands is proud to present a European first that even made it to the press. Verf van de Feer in Alkmaar has been a loyal customer for years. As they were looking to recoat their bitumen roof, they turned to us. The rooftop of van de Feer is 1050 m² and was found the perfect candidate to try out our brand new Dacfill PU. It is similar to Dacfill HZ but far more durable which is proven by the warranty of 30 years. For Mainland Europe this is a revolutionary product, however in the Uk it is well known.
The application of Dacfill Pu is relatively simple. The old layer of bitumen on the roof was first cleaned with a broom, after which it was brushed in with an algae killer and then poured clean with a high-pressure cleaner. The day after, a red basecoat was applied: 1 litre per square metre. Because it is such a lumpy product, it was poured over the roof, after which the coating was distributed with rollers and wipers. A non-woven glass fleece is laid in the wet coating and they become one.

The next day, the almost white-grey topcoat was applied in the same way, but in a layer thickness of 0.75 litres per square metre. It is a moisture-curing product that is rainproof after just under an hour. You can also just walk through it, roll over it and you will not see a thing. A fairly lout proof system.

During the application, a scaffolding was placed next to the building so interested roofers and painters could come and see the works. Roof workers were certainly impressed by the product, but since they are not used to working with coatings, they are still reluctant to use it. Painters seem to be more open to it. Get ready for a new Rustoleum bestselling product!

Dacfill PU will be launched in March 2021!

Project size 

1050 m²


The Netherlands

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Dacfill PU Topcoat

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