Arendse Healthclub - Dongen

Not only the customers of Arendse Health club get personal...

Amsterdam Airport Hangars

Two large hangars at Amsterdam International Airport were...

Recycling Plant Sheffield - Metal Cladding Topcoat

All of the metal cladding on this site has been renovated...

Metal Roof Exeter - Noxyde

Renovation of a metal roof with NOXYDE.

Golden Gate Bridge - Noxyde

Noxyde was used to renovate the Golden Gate Bridge in San...

Parking Garage - SuperGrip

Supergrip has been applied to this staircase.

Storage Tank Rotterdam - Noxyde

Noxyde was used to renovate this storage tank in Rotterdam.

Roof Renovation - Dacfill® HZ

Flat roof protected and waterproofed with Dacfill® HZ roof...

Theatre renovation - Murfill®

Murfill® Renovation was used to renovate the exterior walls...



  • Removes grease, oil, proteins, dirt and other contaminants from coated, mineral and metal substrates
  • Concentrated formulation can be diluted 1:20
  • Use as additive for high pressure cleaning
  • Non-flammable, virtually odour-free
  • Can also be applied by brush, mop or broom


  • Improves life expectancy of metal cladding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent flow and aspect with brush, roller or spray
  • High filling and hiding power
  • Tintable in almost any colour
  • Water-based product; low in VOC