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15 years protection in the highest corrosion class

NOXYDE® metal coating is certified for 15 years lifespan in C5-M environments according to ISO-12944.

Independent tests have indicated that NOXYDE®, the unique flexible metal coating of Rust-Oleum, meets a lifespan of over 15 years in C5-M environments, which is the highest possible corrosion class according to ISO-12944. This makes NOXYDE the first one-component water-based coating offering this type of achievement.

ISO divides the degree of corrosion in a certain environment into various classes (C1 to C5) where C1 represents light corrosion and C5-M(aritime) extremely corrosive areas such as seaports and places with a lot of salt haze.

NOXYDE® has been offering unprecedented corrosion protection for years. Due to the formation of a thick rubberlike layer, the metal is preserved for years. Thanks to the elasticity and layer thickness, no cracks or rips are formed by the influence of the weather and the coating is extremely impact- and chip-proof.

The greatest advantage for the user is the fact that it concerns a water-based one-component coating. Mixing components is therefore unnecessary and there is less odour and solvent inconvenience. In addition, the system’s build-up is rather simple: applying two layers of Noxyde with an airless spray gun suffices for years of protection. Even longer than 15 years according to the ISO 12944 test results carried out by independent research institute CoRI.

Other products on the market also meet the C5-M classification and also offer a lifespan of more than 15 years. However, this mainly concerns two-component coatings based on solvents (epoxy/polyurethane). In other words: more work for the user, more inconvenience caused by solvents and less impact- and chip-proof.

Due to its unique properties and long lifespan in extreme conditions, NOXYDE has already successfully been applied to bridges (even the Golden Gate), cranes, silos, metal roofs and other metal constructions. NOXYDE is also an ideal coating for use on metal cladding where other products often fail due to a lack of attachment, elasticity and edge coating.

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