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Revolutionary new Technical Sprays

The next generation technical sprays

Rust-Oleum® is extending the 1-2-3 MAINTENANCE assortment with a new product range: Rust-Oleum® X1 eXcellent technical sprays. A complete range of technical sprays; lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners and penetrating sprays.

One of the consequences of uncertain economic times is that companies start to focus on the maintenance of existing machines instead of replacing them. This is one of the reasons of increasing demand for higher quality products that extend the lifespan and reduce the use of energy. Rust-Oleum® offers the solution:


Rust-Oleum® introduces the all-in-one assortment of technical sprays: X1 eXcellent. A complete range of lubricants and cleaning products. Pioneering techniques and continuous innovations provide the highest quality, excellent achievements and long-lasting results. The next generation technical sprays developed for professionals by professionals.

Rust-Oleum® X1 eXcellent technical sprays are developed on high quality synthetic base oil. Reinforced with the unique ceramic technology: BoroTecX™, a mix of special additives to reduce resistance under extreme pressure and high temperatures.

For optimum use X1 eXcellent products has three standard spray patterns that can be used at any angle. A wide spray, a narrow spray and an extension piece with which you can lubricate in any nook and cranny.

X1 eXcellent technical sprays are available at construction and industry wholesalers