Solutions for Metal

Our metal protection systems are often successful where previous coating systems have failed or universal coatings cannot meet the requirements.

Metal Protection, our speciality since 1921

Protecting and decorating metallic substrates has been our speciality for more than 88 years. No other supplier has such a complete and up-to-date product range for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our range varies from alkyd to polyurethane, from solvent-free to water-based, from multiple to single coat systems and from RAL to metallics and fluorescent finishes.

Our products are used on just about every metallic substrate imaginable - machinery, structures, handrails, pipes, tanks, bridges, silos, high-tension pylons etc. Substrates includemild steel, alloy steels, galvanising, aluminium, copper, zinc and lead.

RUST-OLEUM assortment for metal protection

  • The most comprehensive range of alkyds, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics, etc.
  • Silicone alkyds for use at high temperature.
  • Flexible systems: many of our paints retain sufficient flexibility to move with the structure
  • Specialist primers and adhesion coats to ensure adhesion to even the most difficult surfaces.
  • Cladding renovation systems in your house style colours – in just one or two coats.
  • Tintable primers to minimise hiding problems.

The unique 769® Fish-oil rust primer

Our heritage in corrosion control started in 1921 with the wonder product 769. A special direct to rust primer based on fish-oil that features a unique penetrating power. The primer soaks right through rust to bare metal, driving out trapped air and moisture that cause rust. Ordinary primers merely 'bridge'rust, trapping rust-producing air and moisture inside so rusting continues.