5 qualities a high-performing spray should have

Spray paint cans might look all the same from the outside, but there is a lot of difference in performance, durability and overall quality. Dive into the advice below and be critical when choosing spray paint, as there is more to a simple spray can than you might think.

What is a spray can exactly?

Paint sprays come in multiple varieties. In general, they contain a number of liquids: specifically propellant, paint and solvent. Sprays also have two ball-bearings inside. When shaken firmly, this creates a better mixture of the liquids so that when the nozzle is opened, the mixed content is pushed out through the tube as a fine mist at the right speed.

How can you recognise good quality spray paint?

1. Check the amount of paint per can

The first thing to consider when looking for spray paint is the amount of paint per can. Check the ratio of propellant, solvents and paint and select the brand that offers the highest paint ratio. Going on the weight of a can might be tricky, as some suppliers use filling materials to make cans heavier and thus appear higher quality.

2. Look for paint that gives the greatest opacity

Look out for paint sprays that guarantee greater opacity on the first spray, and save having to do a cross layer. Good opacity spray paint gives great coverage without running or dripping. The result: you finish faster and need less product.

3. Choose the longest lasting quality

While different quality paint sprays might give the same result in the short term, you need a product that lasts as long as possible without chipping, cracking or peeling. On top of that, colour retention is also essential, so look for a product with high quality colour pigments.

4. Look for shortest drying and recoating times

Time is money, and that also goes for touch-up jobs. If you need a surface preparation spray, a second layer of paint spray or an extra finish, you want the drying and recoating times to be as short as possible. Some brands offer drying times of less than 15 minutes and allow for recoating within the hour.

5. Reduce your footprint, choose eco-friendly

Sustainability is no longer a luxury, so look for eco-friendly versions if available. In spray paint terms, that means a product without CFCs, lead or other toxic components. This is safer for both the operators and the environment.

Be critical about selecting paint in a spray can

Even though you only need it for touching up or painting smaller surfaces, think carefully before selecting a spray paint. Check thoroughly and select products that let you work as quickly as possible and give the best opacity for a long time. That way you can spend more time on all the other maintenance challenges!

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