Cruyff Dream Court - Rotterdam

How to transform a grey, desolate open space under a viaduct in a colourful play court where children meet, play and share their dreams? This was the question that the Rotterdam city counsel asked when they met with the Johan Cruyff Foundation about this open space near the Feijenoord Stadium. Plans for the upgrading’ this space were made and in one month time this spot was transformed by Dreamcourt, a creative artist duo, to a beautiful art tribute of Johan Cruyff, turning this spot into a proud landmark and sport inspiration. All with the help of the neighborhood children and excellent advice from technical experts.

Technical advice

For artistic outdoor sportfields, DreamCourts always ask the advice of their usual distributor ProCoatings who delivers paint and technical advice. For every new project, they always make sure the closest ProCoatings-branch has sufficient paint ready for the project application. Specific colours are prepared in the factory and these type of projects are normally done with Tarmacoat, a rainproof, tear-resistant and quick drying floorcoating. It’s a 1-component waterbased acrylate, applied with brush and paint roller, mostly on substrates like concrete or asphalt. A cleaning company first prepares the substrate and afterwards a antislip makes sure the artwork is safe for use.








Eisma’s Schildersblad, Juni 2022
Author: Broer Feenstra
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