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More than 15 million m² of cladding have been beautified and protected by our products

Sooner or later all cladding systems deteriorate and maintenance is required. This can vary from the major refurbishment of a failing system to a change of colour to match a new house style. Cladding systems are notoriously difficult to maintain, but RUST-OLEUM® has specialised in this field for decades and have developed a range of systems to cover all situations.

Our systems can be applied in one or two coats to almost any cladding system. Substrates include most synthetic materials such as powder coatings, polycarbonates and hard PVC as well as a range of metallic substrates including galvanising, aluminium,copper, zinc and lead. in applications where previous coating systems have failed or universal coatings could not meet the requirements.

Our cladding assortment

Our range includes water-borne and solvent-based acrylics, vinyls, urethane alkyds and polyurethanes

  • Specialist solutions to edge lap protection
  • Unique primers to guarantee adhesion to even the most difficult surfaces
  • Flexible systems, even after ageing our products retain sufficient flexibility to move with the cladding
  • Heavy-duty systems like NOXYDE®, capable of restoring even seriously deteriorating cladding systems
  • Cladding renovation systems in your house style colours in just one or two coats
  • Tintable primers to minimise hiding problems

NOXYDE® Ultimate cladding protection

A central role in our cladding assortment is played by the NOXYDE® product family. A range of flexible rubber like coatings that offer an unrivelled level of metal protection. A true revolution in corrosion control.

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