Hygienic Environments

Hygiene Coating Solutions

Many industries are facing increasingly stringent hygiene requirements. Locations in the food and beverage, catering, agricultural, medical and electronics sectors often require scrupulously clean facilities. Walls, floors and ceilings must be jointless and hermetically sealed. All surfaces must be easy to clean and possibly withstand disinfection or chemical cleaning.

RUST-OLEUM has both the coating systems needed for these severe service conditions and the required expertise. Our systems are designed to withstand the severe cleaning cycles and chemical exposure usually encountered in dairies, abattoirs, breweries, soft drink plants, hospitals and industrial kitchens. They are economical to apply to almost any surface and survive years of harsh treatment.

Our hygiene assortment

  • A unique selection of adhesion primers to guarantee adhesion to even the most difficult surfaces.
  • Systems with food approvals.
  • Products containing non-leachable fungicides and bactericides.
  • Systems with high chemical resistance.
  • Bactericidal sealing compound with exceptional elasticity.

Our range includes solvent-free epoxies, water-based epoxies, water-borne and solvent-based acrylics, styrene acrylic sealing compound and water-based polyurethanes.

BIOSAN® A healthy concept

Significant extra hygiene protection is guaranteed with BIOSAN®, water based hygiene coatings for walls, ceilings and floors.