• Superior adhesion
  • High dirt pick up resistance
  • 200% elastic coat does not crack or peel
  • Excellent coverage of nuts, bolts and welds
  • Dry fall: saves preparation & clean up time

Single pack water-based elastomeric coating based on a silane modified acrylic binder with superior adhesion and corrosion protection. The product contains anti-corrosion pigments and is lead, chromate and zinc free.


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5P.10.20, 5P.20.20, 5P.40.20, 5P.40.5, 5P.7001.20, 5P.7016.20, 5P.7016.5, 5P.7032.20, 5P.7035.20, 5P.7035.5, 5P.9002.20, 5P.9002.5, 5P.9004.20, 5P.9004.5, 5P.9010.20, 5P.A66.20, 5P.E400.20
Main Features
1-component, High-build coating, Primer, Topcoat, Water-based, Waterproofing
Gloss Level
5 kg, 20 kg 
Application type
Airless Spraygun, Brush, Roller
Metal, Metal Cladding, Roof
Substrate Metal
Aluminium, Bare or blasted metal, Galvanised steel, Non-ferro metal, Prepainted metal, Rusted metal, Stainless Steel
Substrate Metal Cladding
Bare or blasted metal, Galvanised Steel, Pre-painted, Rusted Metal, Weathered Plastisol
Substrate Roof
Metal Roof, Pre-painted
Touch dry
1hr and 20 minutes
Dry to recoat
24 hours
VOC level

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