Facade Renovation

Solutions for Exterior Walls

More than 30 million m² of external walls have been beautified and protected by our products

We have a complete and up-to-date product range for external walls and facades. The systems provide a variety of properties ranging from application over a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions to flexibility and crack bridging.

Throughout building and industry, our products are used on masonry, plasters, plasterboard, concrete, aerated concrete, blockwork, wood, synthetic materials and almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals on and around external walls.

Our offering for walls

  • Full range of high quality decorative paints for any wall in any condition
  • Many systems only require just one or two coats
  • Flexible systems that move with the structure and bridge active cracks 
  • Primers/sealers to guarantee adhesion to even the most difficult surfaces
  • Specialist coatings for anti-graffiti, damp walls and water-repellence

MURFILL® The reference in waterproofing

The main product line in our Exterior Wall protection line is MURFILL®. For more than 30 years the MURFILL waterproofing system is the reference in waterproof walls. Various laboratories around the world have confirmed the extraordinary product features of MURFILL. On many occassions, others have tried to copy the unique MURFILL formulation. But always without success.

  • MURFILL® Waterproofing A unique 400% elastic wall coating for waterproofing purposes. Water based, crack bridging and water vapour permeable
  • MURFILL® Renovation An elastic renovation coating for renovation of exterior walls & facades. Water based, crack bridging and water vapour permeable