Anti-Graffiti Protection


RUST-OLEUM® has launched GraffitiShield™, a compact range of anti-graffiti products that are easy to apply and clean and that can be used for various types of surfaces and applications.

Removing graffiti from surfaces that have not been treated beforehand is usually a difficult and time-consuming chore that can damage the surface. The alternative is to apply a transparent layer to the surface in need of protection. Such a layer is easier to clean and will also protect against UV, dirt, carbonisation and wear and tear. RUST-OLEUM has introduced the new GraffitiShield™ range to respond to this need.

RUST-OLEUM’s transparent coatings are available as permanent or temporary anti-graffiti protection. The permanent system is easy to clean with a special cleaning agent before the protective layer needs to be replaced. In other words, it is perfect for situations where frequent cleaning is necessary.

With a temporary or sacrificial system, the protective layer is removed completely together with the graffiti each time it is cleaned. It is cleaned with hot water sprayed from a high-pressure hose, and the protective layer must be reapplied after every clean. RUST-OLEUM uses a pure natural wax as the basis for this system. The advantage is that it does not require any special cleaners and the protective layer is graffiti-resistant practically immediately after application.

A unique product in the GraffitiShield™ range is the coating based on chemical NANO technology. The result is an extremely thin and dense transparent coating that graffiti cannot attach to. It gives maximum results with minimum thickness in just one layer. This layer can be cleaned up to 50 times before it needs to be reapplied.

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