Roof Protection

Solutions for Roofs

Roof coatings are often the cost effective alternative for renovating roofs of commercial and residential buidlings. Repair and renovation of roofing has always been one of our specialities.

We offer a full range of coatings for the renovation and waterproofing of:

  • Sloped roofs
  • Horizontal roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Tile roofs

Our systems are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate all roofing materials. The range also extends to systems for balconies, external walkways, terraces and parking decks. The systems are easy to apply over a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. They dry quickly and the structures can be back in service with a minimum of delay.

    Roof protection products

    • Instant leak repairs even in bad weather.
    • Quality coatings to renew and beautify old roofs.
    • Specialist primers to guarantee adhesion to even the most difficult surfaces.
    • Flexible heavy-duty protective coatings for minimal maintenance.
    • Decorative systems to waterproof and beautify balconies and external walkways.
    • All products are "cold" applied and are thus easy to apply without fire risk.