As a contractor, you don’t have much time to spare. The construction must go on. You would prefer to leave the real repainting work to a painter. But every now and then, you need to carry out maintenance yourself—either on your own materials or on a construction site.

And you’d prefer to use products that come ready to use. No need for mixing, other tools or thinners, etc.

Ideal products for Contractors:

  • HARD HAT® Stain Blocker 
  • LeakSeal® - Flexible rubber spray
  • Marking spray
  • HARD HAT® Aerosol paint spray RAL colours
  • HARD HAT® Aerosol paint spray Fluorescent
  • HARD HAT® Aerosol paint spray Metallic
  • CombiColor® Metallic paint
  • Waterproof – Make everything leak-proof in an instant
  • Asphalt repair

    1-2-3 Maintenance, just for you

    The 1-2-3 maintenance range consists of products that have been especially developed for fast and easy maintenance in construction and industry. The products solve problems, give instant results and last for longer. 1-2-3 products are also the most economical solution because the proven formulas require less surface preparation and last for longer, saving you time and money.
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    'I’ve had good experiences with Rust-Oleum, we use it a lot in our work.'

    Other information

    Leak Seal ® brochure
    An innovative spray with a rubber base that seals cracks and leaks.
    View the Leak Seal Brochure [PDF]

    X1 Technical Sprays brochure
    A complete range of technical sprays, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, cleaning products and penetrating oil.
    View the X1 Technical Sprays brochure [PDF]

    Asphalt Repair brochure
    Ideal product for repairing holes in asphalt pavements quickly and easily.
    View the asphalt repair brochure [PDF]

    Product videos on YouTube
    We have made instruction videos for a number of our products.
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    Products for Contractors


    • Matt white finish, best possible opacity (Non-yellowing)
    • Touch dry (in 5-10 minutes), Tack-free time: 10 min
    • Overcoat time: 30 min
    • For application on concrete, plaster, particle board existing coatings, wall paper etc.
    • Odourless. Recoatable with standard wall paints


    • Watertight semi smooth finish
    • Can be top-coated with latex or oil-based paints
    • For use on metal, aluminum, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt roofing materials, etc.
    • Overcoatable with various paints


    • Optimised for ground marking
    • Spray through cap for ease of use
    • Easier writing
    • Quick drying (5 - 10 minutes)


    • Direct to surface
    • Paint & primer in one
    • Quick drying
    • Interior and exterior


    • Simple to use - no mixing required
    • Repairs can be driven over immediately after application
    • Ideal for repairs 10 mm – 70 mm
    • Coverage approx. 0.5 m² per 25 kg at 24 mm thick
    • Withstands heavy traffic
    • Including primer