• Exceptionally abrasion resistant
  • Better resistance to hot tires.
  • Tintable smooth satin finish
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Water-based, very low odour
  • Excellent flow and smooth finish

Two-pack, satin gloss epoxy floor paint for garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks, workshops etc. Better resistance to hot tires.


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Product details

19.4B.12.9P, 19.4B.3.45, 19.7001.12.9P, 19.7001.3.45, 19.7016.12.9P, 19.7016.3.45, 19.7035.12.9P, 19.7035.3.45, 19.8B.12.9P, 19.8B.3.45, 19.DN.12.9, 19.DN.3.45, 19.MM.12.9P, 19.MM.3.45, 19.PN.12.9, 19.PN.3.45, 19.TRN.12.9, 19.TRN.3.45, 19.V.0.55, 19.V.2.1
Main Features
2-component, Primer, Tintable, Topcoat, Water-based
Gloss Level
0.55 kg, 2.1 kg, 3.45 kg, 3.209 kg, 12.034 kg, 12.9 kg 
Application type
Airless Spraygun, Brush, Roller
Substrate Floor
Old Concrete, Pre-painted, Tiles
Touch dry
9 hours
Dry to recoat
12 hours @20°C. Allow to dry for a minimum of 12hrs @20°C and maximum 72 hours @20°C between coats.
VOC level
1 g/l